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Louis Pearl is Portland’s Best Blowhard

The Amazing Bubble Man’s Shows Are a Mix of Magic, Political Commentary, French Cabaret—and Lots and Lots of Bubbles

Louis Pearl is Portland’s Best Blowhard.

Read the article by Beth Slovic here!

**** review, Broadway Baby 10 Aug. 2016 The Amazing Bubble Man by Paul F Cockburn on 10th August 2016 Underbelly’s largest venue is the huge tent – shaped like an purple cow tipped onto its back – that this year has been transplanted into the... read more

The Times of London, August ’16

The Amazing Bubble Man, Louis Pearl @bubguy, is performing at Udderbelly @FollowTheCow @edfringe. Pic @glossophoto — The Times Pictures (@TimesPictures) August 17, 2016... read more

Louis Lands In London

Louis Lands in London Louis Pearl, THE AMAZING BUBBLE MAN comes to London’s West End, direct from Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, where his astounding show was voted the “Pick of the Fringe”. Pearl has been thrilling audiences around the world for... read more

Amazing bubble man coming to Wellington

Amazing bubble man coming to Wellington!   Bubbles, by their nature, have a very short life span. The old song I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles describes them as pretty and flying high, but “like my dreams, they fade and die”. That is unless you are... read more

The Boy In The Bubble

Louis Pearl – The Amazing Bubble Man   When he grew up, Louis Pearl thought he might become a surgeon like his father, but witnessing his first autopsy at the young age of 16 turned him off doctoring. But he never lost his interest in science, deploying a... read more

SFGate by Eve Kushner

‘The Greatest Bubble Show on Earth’: Louis Pearl, a.k.a. the Amazing Bubble Man, creates a ‘bubular’ spectacle   You are a bubble. According to Louis Pearl, a.k.a. the Amazing Bubble Man, “Anything with air trapped inside is a... read more

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